1. grow or develop well or vigorously.

  • prosper; flourish.

flourish, prosper, grow vigorously, develop well, blossom, advance, make strides, succeed

 THRIVE was about not only surviving but thriving in the face of adversity as well as pursuing DREAMS in times of caution...

We celebrate the willful and ever innate ability in women to THRIVE. Move upward in mobility as we take on new challenges and seek for our outside appearance to reflect this progression.

For this season, we use neon bright orange raincoats to protect us from the downpours of life, camouflage to prepare us for the war on our womanhood, denim to remind us of our utilitarian nature and paisley to remind us that life is what you make it.

To THRIVE means you have suffered, and to suffer means you have learned. . .